Peace Tea Viva Mango

Peace Tea Viva Mango

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here today to discuss a very important topic with you, the death of the mango. You see for the last 10-15 years mango has been everywhere in the beverage world. At first it was a wonderful thing having such a glorious fruit flavor readily available, but then the quality began to slip, the same way that it had in the past for orange, grape and the beloved cherry. People were tricked into thinking that a weird artificial flavor was an acceptable substitute and people have come to believe that this flavor is what this great fruit really tastes like.

We are here to ask for donations to help revive the reputation of the mango. We need to make people aware that this is not a cheap tasting flavor. That it is strong and robust and truly wonderful. We are not asking for direct donations, we are simply asking you to only buy beverages that have real mango in them. Kicking this off we are pleased to unveil the newest product from Peace Tea; Viva Mango.

This is made with real mango puree as well as apple, orange and pineapple juice. While this is better than a lot of mango flavored beverages on the market, it does miss its mark a bit. The apple and the orange juice take away from the robustness of the mango. That causes the natural flavor to be watered down, or juiced down if you want to be fair. It doesn’t so much taste like those juices, as it just tastes like weaker mango. Ideally they would have been left out and this would have just been mango puree with a splash of pineapple juice thrown in for good measure.

As I said, this is a step in the right direction, but the added ingredients, which I assume were used to lower the price point, distract from this potentially wonderful juice drink. Let the mango live people. Let it live!

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Jason Draper on June 7th, 2014