Refocus Sparkling Green Coffee Energy Beverage Pink Grapefruit

Refocus Sparkling Green Coffee Energy Beverage Pink Grapefruit

Alright people we need to focus here. We’ve been in this lab working for what seems like weeks on a new energy drink. Okay, I understand that you’ve been focusing, and that no one wants to be stuck in this lab, but let’s refocus, because Mark’s little cloning experiment over there in the corner, is proof that focus has been lost.

What are people looking for in an energy drink? It’s certainly not another Red Bull clone, because there are obscene amounts of them in the market. How about coffee? You’re right, people are a bit particular about their coffee, and a lot of people tend to not like it. Wait! I have it! What if we us green coffee been extract and not the brewed roasted kind everyone is used to? It’s got a nice caffeine kick, but it doesn’t taste anything like coffee, but it would be of interest to everyone.

Okay what next? Hmm, I’ve been hearing that people are skeptical about taurine, so let’s keep it out of this drink. Let’s stick with the caffeine from the green coffee and maybe add some ginseng and B vitamins. We’ll keep this thing fairly natural with none of those chemicals that the other companies use. By doing that we’ll be able to avoid the liquid candy taste that energy drinks have. We’ll stick out in the market.

We’re on to something here people. It just needs one more thing to make it pop. How about we lower the sugar and calorie count, but make sure it doesn’t taste diet? No I’m not a magician with the powers to make zero calorie sweeteners taste good. We’ll simply use both sugar and stevia. The blend will lower the calorie count a bit, but it will retain the sugar flavor.

We now have a base that is exactly what we needed. It’s low calorie with out tasting diet, it doesn’t have the chemical taste that most energy drinks have, and it’s unique flavor wise because of the green coffee extract. I personally think we could go to market with this, but let’s add some other flavorings so we can have a line of drinks, instead of just one product. Mark, what is your clone doing to the mixture? Oh he’s adding some pink grapefruit flavoring, well that sounds nice. Actually, I wish it had a stronger flavor. It’s definitely pink grapefruit in there, but it’s doesn’t have the sour taste that would make it taste like real juice was used. I know you did you some real juice, but people won’t be able to tell from this flavor. It’s just a bit dull. I mean it’s good enough to go to market, but my personal tastes want it to be a bit more present.

Mark, you and your clone are fired. No it’s not because of the pink grapefruit thing, actually that was fine. It’s because you never participate and you created a fully gestated clone while we were supposed to be making an energy drink. I don’t care if you’re my nephew. I’ll deal with my sister’s complaints when I get home.

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Jason Draper on April 4th, 2014