Sin Thirst Sin Maca & Rose

Sin Thirst Sin Maca & Rose

All energy drinks taste the same. They all taste like some candied citrus chemical that upon first trying you are sure is poisoning you, but that upon repeated tasting you grow to actually enjoy. So sit right back, take a sip and welcome in the status quo…


In reality what Sin Thirst Sin (Is that the official name?) gives you is not more of the same with a different label. This tastes like your drinking rose flavored butterscotch or something like that. I instantly get the rose flavor, and then something else that I couldn’t place. When I searched maca I found out that it tastes like nutty butterscotch, and that is a fairly accurate description of what I could not place. The lack of taurine is what is causing the chemical taste to be lacking, and that is a good thing. For the most part this seems to rely on more natural ingredients to give the imbiber a boost of energy.

This is most certainly something new and different and it had the potential to blow me away, but then they had to go and use sucralose as a sweetener. Underneath any sort of interesting flavor is the lingering taste of death via fake sugar. Let’s move past sucralose people. There are other zero calorie options out there that while they still have a specific flavor it’s not as offensive as this.

Diet, Energy Drink
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Jason Draper on February 15th, 2014